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» IOS6 news and fixes
» Strange Martian crater
» 100 Petabits per second
» Artificial life created
» Space rock contains organic molecular feast
» 10 Failed Doomsday Predictions
» Universal phone charger
» Moon buildings
» Epassports RFID danger
» 500Gb optical




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» Google unifies search results
»Google under water
»Moon buildings
»500Gb optical
»Scientists Levitate Small Animals
»Jet stream is weakening
»Orion new nasa vehicle
»Saturns moon like ocean floor
»How Cells Store Fat



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->Jet stream is weakening

->Southern Ocean saturated with CO2

->Warming to Change Earth Days Length

->Ocean Discovered Inside Earth

->Arctic melt

->Clouds Clues

->Marine Species Collapse by 2048

->Arctic changes

->New Arctic Inhabitants: Trees


Satellite Shooted down

  Did you know?...

- Women in ancient Egypt prevented pregnancy with
plugs made of crocodile droppings?

- Based on artifacts and cave paintings, Ice Age women were likely to enjoy sex as much as their male mates?

- In 2005, the average first time for US girls occurred at the age of 17?

- Known aphrodisiacs of the food world include chocolate, oysters and spicy foods?

- That females have a weaker sex drive than men is a  cultural misconception?

- The most common sexual problem among men is premature ejaculation?

- It is a common misconception that pregnancy can’t occur without male orgasm?

- Whether put to use or not, males produce about 300 million sperm every day?



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